Naev 0.9.3 Released!

The Naev DevTeam is satisfied to announce the release of Naev version 0.9.3. This release addresses issues and bugs from the 0.9.2 release and does not add any new content. It is highly recommended to update from 0.9.2 as soon as possible. In particular, two fairly important bugs involving game hanging sometimes when entering certain nebula systems and crashes have been fixed.

Although it has been heavily tested, there are almost certainly still bugs around, please report any issues on this tracker, and feel free to join our Discord or Matrix (chat rooms).

You can get the latest version from any of the following sources:

Changes since 0.9.2

  • Bug fix: if the German translation was active, casino minigames’ explanation (Erklärung) didn’t work
  • Fix errors/slowdown in Diversion from (…) missions
  • Fix bug in “Waste Collector” mission
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to get infinite escorts
  • Work around bugs in at least one OpenGL driver
  • Fix crash when unidiff changes assets that the player has targetted
  • Player actually has to pay for stealing outfits
  • Fixed game hanging when entering some volatile nebula systems


Linux (x86_64) 470 MB
Version 0.9.3 Apr 03, 2022
Windows (x86_64) 466 MB
Version 0.9.3 Apr 03, 2022
macOS (x86_64) 396 MB
Version 0.9.3 Apr 03, 2022
Soundtrack 168 MB
Version 0.9.3 Apr 03, 2022

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