Naev 0.9.4 Released!

EDIT: We have pushed a fix for macOS users running into issues launching the game, please let us know if you run into any issues.

The Naev DevTeam is pleased to announce the release of Naev version 0.9.4. With this release, the Naev 0.9 branch is definitely maybe free of bugs. In case you find one anyway, please report on this tracker, and feel free to join our Discord or Matrix (chat rooms). There’s no new content here, aside from stunning progress by the volunteer translators in the community. The new content has instead gone into pre-releases of Naev 0.10, and our attention for the rest of 2022 will be on finishing that.

You can get the latest release, and nightly 0.10-alpha builds, from any of the following sources:

Changes since 0.9.3

  • Fix “No error.” log spam with certain video card drivers
  • Fix Lua errors with tiny nebula such as Sarcophagus
  • Fix fake transponder cheesing rehabilitation missions
  • Fix errors in “Anxious Merchant”, “Dead Or Alive Bounty”, “Harja’s Vengeance”, and “The Lost Brother” missions
  • Fix the in-game screenshot feature, in case of odd window dimensions
  • Fix at least “Dvaered Diplomacy” glitching when the game is saved/reloaded (thanks to “Duke” on the Steam forums)
  • Update translations, including a new Spanish translation


Linux (x86_64) 442 MB
Version 0.9.4 Jul 20, 2022
Windows (x86_64) 455 MB
Version 0.9.4 Jul 20, 2022
macOS (x86_64) 396 MB
Jul 22, 2022
Soundtrack 168 MB
Version 0.9.4 Jul 20, 2022

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