Naev 0.10.4 Released!

The Naev DevTeam is proud to announce the release of Naev version 0.10.4. This release fixes an important crash among other minor fixes. It is highly recommended to update to as soon as possible.

Although it has been tested, there are almost certainly still bugs around, please report any issues on this tracker, and feel free to join one of our chatrooms or discussion boards (here).

You can get the latest version from any of the following sources:

Get - Github

Get - Steam

Get -

Get - Flathub

Changes since 0.10.3

  • Fixed crashes related to multiple effects being active at once
  • Fixed multiple mission_done hooks not passing parameter correctly
  • Fixed plugin strings not being initialized with mismatched saves
  • ec06: made the final battle work much better


Linux (x86_64) 460 MB
Version 0.10.4 Feb 04, 2023
Windows (x86_64) 455 MB
Version 0.10.4 Feb 04, 2023
macOS (x86_64) 445 MB
Version 0.10.4 Feb 04, 2023
Soundtrack 168 MB
Version 0.10.4 Feb 04, 2023

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