Naev 0.11.0-beta.2 is released!

During playtesting 0.11.0-beta.1, we’ve found a bunch of bugs and issues that we’ve addressed. In particular, some of the more important ones include having the slim GUI show what outfits are being activated, which is particularly useful for toggle weapon sets, and fixed some issues with collisions making it hard for fast weapons to hit their targets. As always, please report any issues on this tracker, and feel free to join our Discord or Matrix chatrooms. Find out more about them here!

Changes since 0.11.0-beta.1

  • Slim GUI now shows activated outfits and all weapons all the time
  • Collision system reworked (again) to take into account fast moving particles
  • Fixed collision polygons not properly being used
  • Added short names to some outfits such that they are easier to distinguish in the GUI
  • Allied factions won’t help out the player against neutral targets
  • Added missing graphics for meditation chambers
  • Don’t allow giving the player names that can’t be saved
  • Updated love.filesystem to 0.11 spec renaming mkdir to createDirectory, enumerate to getDirectoryItems, and adding remove
  • Fixed toggle weapon sets not turning off with only bolt weapons
  • Hardened physics engine a bit to overflow that happens in 49 days of straight game time
  • Fixed trivial memory leak in vpool
  • Allow buying local maps where they are not sold
  • Buffed Hunting Combat AI to 15% bonus
  • Made Weakness Harmonizer AI not appear as an active outfit
  • Outfit Lua function onshoot has been renamed onshootany
  • Can toggle point defense weapons on and off
  • AI will turn off weapons ionizer when going for a kill
  • Player’s new ships should start will all the default outfits, which fixes the some Sirius psychic tests
  • pilot.weapsetAdd follows the same logic as the normal equipping functions
  • slim GUI uses primary/secondary colours like the info menu
  • AI should be less prone to jump before their leader
  • Fixed cargo being lost when swapping ships in missions and events
  • chapter1: event claims all the systems just in case
  • poi: renamed ‘Pristine Derelict’ to ‘Unusual Derelict’
  • poi_intro: fixed typo
  • achack03: fixed mission not being acceptable and harja spawning forever
  • achack04: fixed missing formatting string
  • dv_bikers: made missiles significantly more dodgeable and changed location
  • Translation updates


Windows Beta (x86_64) 466 MB
Version 0.11.0-beta.2 84 days ago
macOS Beta (x86_64) 454 MB
Version 0.11.0-beta.2 84 days ago
Linux Beta (x86_64) 472 MB
Version 0.11.0-beta.2 84 days ago

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