Naev 0.11.0-beta.3 is released!

During playtesting 0.11.0-beta.2, we’ve found even more issues that have been fixed, including some hard crashes and some inconsistencies with weapon set behaviours. Additionally, lots more quality of life usability such as in range weapon sets only shooting when enemies are in arcs have also been added. We’re hoping this to be the last beta before the official release which should hit in a week or so. As always, please report any issues on this tracker, and feel free to join our Discord or Matrix chatrooms. Find out more about them here!

Changes since 0.11.0-beta.2

  • Differentiated more significantly the energy / kinetic / plasma weapon types
  • Fixed hard crash when loading when approaching certain NPCs
  • Fixed crash when change tab triggers a takeoff
  • Fixed Naev not starting on Mac OS
  • Fixed beam collisions (again)
  • Fixed rare hard crash when beams are being fired
  • ‘in range’ option for weapon sets now takes into account weapon arcs
  • Buffed Targeting Conduit
  • Renamed ‘Point of Interest’ to ‘Sensor Anomaly’
  • Double-tap activating outfits breaks stealth
  • Nerfed Sirius Fidelity so it can no longer get ludicrous levels of action speed
  • Map’s discovery mode shows system features
  • Removed enemies from a certain hidden faction so the player won’t have standing issues with them
  • Non-weapon outfits no longer show switch groups they are in as hot keys
  • Turn off weapon sets when changing type
  • Fixed toggle weapon sets not triggering outfits over and over as expected
  • Turn off all weapon sets when entering stealth
  • Fixed resizing not working on the background and toolkit in some cases
  • Added pilot.weapsetAddType and pilot.weapsetSetActive
  • Gave unicorp storm launchers a rarity of 2 and made it more available
  • Have ships be a little less spammy distressing
  • Centered tracking icon in slim GUI
  • Show tracking icons for non-turret bolt weapons too
  • More short names for weapon outfits
  • Fixed pilot.setSpeedLimit not working
  • Added tutorial message when player acquires first point defense weapon
  • test_of_renewal: fixed weapon set defaults being incorrect and increased enemy damage
  • seek_n_destroy: missions should work properly when boarding the target
  • flf_diversion, flf_rogue: Missions should no longer be able to have ridiculously low credit rewards
  • ec00: changed it so you can’t hail the collective drone
  • escort: fixed pilots not flying in formation
  • Fixed many typos
  • Translation updates


Windows Beta (x86_64) 466 MB
Version 0.11.0-beta.3 79 days ago
macOS Beta (x86_64) 454 MB
Version 0.11.0-beta.3 79 days ago
Linux Beta (x86_64) 472 MB
Version 0.11.0-beta.3 79 days ago

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