Naev 0.11.1 is released!

The Naev DevTeam is proud to announce the release of Naev version 0.11.1. This update fixes some issues on certain platforms with video memory corruption and crashes, and a myriad of smaller issues here and there. It is highly recommended to update to the newest version. We would like to thank all the contributors who have participated and helped in the making of this release.

Full Changelog

  • Give all ammo back to player after doing obelisk
  • Fixed player being invincible after completing an obelisk
  • Fixed a crash when loading games while a landing hook was running
  • Fixed race condition in threadpool
  • Fixed asteroids spawning in not proper shapes
  • Fixed autonav wobble and overshooting
  • Point defense won’t shoot at disabled pilots anymore
  • Fixed battery descriptions
  • Discovering a hidden jump will make both directions known
  • Fixed AI trying to scan hostile targets they lost track of
  • Properly save and load reward_value to and from saves
  • Fixed events and missions being able to trigger in obelisk tests
  • Fixed beam weapons not hitting asteroids
  • Properly compute weapon range with launch_range modifiers
  • Fixed some range checks with inrange weapon sets
  • Fixed Empire Pacifier mass being too low
  • Fixed warning when looking at internal flow amplifier descriptions
  • Removed Soromid Ira turret and forward weapon stats
  • Fixed reality rip and avatar of sirichana abilities giving errors when the AI tries to use them
  • Fixed issue on some systems with indexed images
  • Fixed pirates and pilots that don’t care being able to disable the fake transponder
  • Can now see and target allies that are stealthed
  • Pheromone emitter won’t do anything in exclusively claimed systems
  • Fixed some weapons such as beams not hitting targets other than selected one
  • Fixed rendering order making it so most effects were below the player
  • Fixed fallback switch weapon sets not being found properly
  • Fixed bioship “Wanderer” perk giving absolute accel bonus instead of relative
  • Increased Neural Accelerator Interface energy regen malus to -100%
  • zalek/blackhole/zbh09: don’t error out when a bioship ceases to exist
  • kidnapped/traffic_00: fixed formatting string telling the player what system to go to
  • kidnapped/traffic_01: ship should spawn if taking off in the same system, not just jumping in
  • tutorial/nelly01: fixed derelict message not appearing
  • minerva/pirate4: fixed save me spam only being print once
  • neutral/seek_n_destroy: fixed warnings when taking off in the same system
  • sirius/achack/achack01: fixed not being able to accept mission
  • dvaered/dv_diversion: fixed not being able to accept mission
  • dvaered/dv_bikers: don’t allow the player to use escorts and properly update mission TODO
  • sirius/achack03: fixed not being able to complete the mission
  • neutral/kidnapped: fixed inconsistency in the name of the system to go to
  • shadow/shadowrun: fixed VN issues not allowing mission completion
  • shadow/shadowrun: changed locations to make it possible to do in the allotted time-frame
  • shadow/shadowvigil: fixed Seiryuu not appearing
  • shiplover: don’t ask the player about ships they can’t obtain
  • Fixed many typos
  • Translation updates


Linux (x86_64) 470 MB
Version 0.11.1 48 days ago
Windows (x86_64) 466 MB
Version 0.11.1 48 days ago
macOS (x86_64) 452 MB
Version 0.11.1 48 days ago
Soundtrack 168 MB
Version 0.11.1 48 days ago

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